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Anatomy of a Play (TEAM USA Edition)

The Debate dives into some screen shots of 2 great quick looks from Coach K and the Team USA staff from this past weekend’s games vs Finland and vs Turkey. Be on the lookout for these and more well designed plans from TEAM USA the rest of the tournament.

TODAY’S SET (1): 1-4 Wing Entry vs Denial


TODAY’S DESIGNER: Coach K and his staff of Jim Boeheim, Tom Thibodeau and Monty Williams


REASONS BEHIND: Leading up to the official start of the World Cup of FIBA Basketball, we talked extensively about Team USA’s problems getting into their 1-4 sets via the pass. Teams from Brazil thru Slovenia had success (albeit briefly) hard denying Kyrie Irving/Derrick Rose’s passing lanes to James Harden and Steph Curry on the wing, slowing down the overall effect of the set. Coach K and company were obviously well aware of the same problem, and very early against Finland, showed a wrinkle to the 1-4 wing set that handled the issue very well (guess the staff knows what they’re doing huh?) Continue reading

Scouting Team USA


-Pretend for a moment that you happen to be on the coaching staff for, say, Spain…or Puerto Rico…or China…and your Head Coach just walked in and said “Hey, Coach Bob, USA Brazil is tonight. I want the scouting report shared to my drive by midnight. See ya.” Not exactly an easy assignment. But rest easy as here at The Debate we did your job for you. Below is all you need to know on Coach K’s most recent edition of the Red White and Blue (NOTE: You probably won’t be within 15, but hey, this will help a little we think)-


PG: Derrick Rose 6’3  (Back Up: Kyrie Irving)  (2nd Back Up: Damian Lillard)

  • Rose is as close to back to 2010 MVP form as we’ve seen in 3 years (went coast to coast and finished with floater in 3.6 seconds). Is attacking rim again at will, and off both legs explosively. Defensively, not as aggressive on ball as Irving or Curry, but more active hands in passing lane…
  • Irving is very good at step thrus and splits in the key versus help rotations and has great touch on the ball off the glass. Defensively, very handsy on the ball but will pick up and attack handler full court off of makes
  • Lillard appeared sluggish off the bench in short span, which included getting beat coast to coast 3 seconds into his rotation…still, will be tough to handle off screen roll game if we go under

SG: Steph Curry 6’3 (Back Up: Klay Thompson) (2nd Back Up: Kyle Korver) Continue reading

Greg Oden

Greg Oden and Domestic Violence Involving Pro Sports Players.

Last Friday we heard that former 2007 #1 overall pick Greg Oden was arrested and charged with felony battery for striking his girlfriend in the face until she started bleeding. It wasn’t until his mother was awoken and his girlfriend started bleeding that he finally stopped hitting her. He gave his girlfriend a black eye and a fracture in her nose.

I have to ask Greg Oden this question though? What did she do to you so bad that you as a 7’0 huge guy felt the need to take out your anger towards her in physical violence? We all know she didn’t pose any type of physical threat towards you? We didn’t her that she was attacking you or anything? I really struggle to think about why these sports stars feel the need  to exert physical violence towards a woman. The majority of the time it’s not even a fair fight when you try to compare a man‘s physical strength to a woman’s physical strength.

But now I understand that there are some women that like to hit and smack men in the face, spit on them, and exert physical violence on them and sometimes men just get tired of women doing that and they end up snapping on them. That was what Stephen A. Smith was talking about when he was talking about how women could do their part in not provoking a man. Continue reading