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-The Debate was very impressed with each and every game from this past weekend’s Sweet 16 and Elite 8, especially from a Coaching/Scheme standpoint. Whether it was Kevin Ollie and UCONN turning a Tom Izzo Michigan State team into a 3pt hoisting only club (for the first time anyone can remember) or Wisconsin running pick and pop to perfection to squeak past Arizona, the level of game plan and execution was AWESOME. It was extremely difficult to pick just one set for our ANATOMY OF A PLAY breakdown, but even in defeat, Michigan Coach John Beilein was his usual tactically brilliant self. Below is a look at one of the Wolverines’ best sets from Sunday vs Kentucky-



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The Lost Dunks – Basketball Documentary

The dunk is an art. The NBA and NCAA have seen some great this year that are fit for the highlight reels. In the spirit of the art of the dunk – we decided to take a look at this really cool documentary that checks out cool dunks from the old ABA to today. The ABA is to old for most fans to remember but watch the video and you will catch a glimpse of Artis Gilmore of the Kentucky Colonels bringing the crowd to its feet. There are clips from Dr.J and commentary from Magic and Reggie Miller. This documentary is a must see for the new and old fans. Enjoy. If you would like to blog for us – please reach to our team by email. For all the basketball info you need – NCAA and NBA – please join us on our Twitter link @ Getrealbasket.

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Andrew Wiggins 2

Canadian Madness

Canadians love hockey – it is like a religion for our northern neighbors. Their love of hockey is like my love of March Madness. I was noticing the other day that a ton of Canadians are in this year’s tournament with guys like Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) and Tyler Ennis (Syracuse) leading the way. This got me thinking – maybe March Madness and bracket mania is as big in the land of snow as it is back home. What I found was this comedic look at March Madness logic in an office in Canada. The YouTube clip had me howling so I hope you enjoy it. Bracket picks based on jersey colors and team nicknames seem to be the way to go from Vancouver to Moncton. Of course we kid – the players from Canada are amazing and we hop to see more of them in the coming years.The tournament has been crazy this year and I was as shocked as everyone when Duke went down in flames. Stay up to date on March Madness and the NBA by joining our Twitter handle @ Getrealbasket.

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