Was the Doug McDermott trade the right move for the Bulls?

The Bulls had four needs this offseason: scorer, shooter along with back-ups at the point guard and center/power forward position. By trading the 16 and 19 picks for Doug McDermott, the Bulls filled the need for a shooter. However, with those two picks, they could have got Jusuf Nurkic and Shabazz Napier or Gary Harris to fill the back-up big as well as back-up point guard or shooter (they drafted Nurkic and Harris and sent them to Denver to receive McDermott). While the Bulls may have got the best shooter in the draft, they may have given up too much.

Originally, the trade was reported without the addition of Anthony Randolph to Chicago. The trade made perfect sense, as Chicago filled a need, and saved more salary cap space than if used both of their first round picks. However, the addition of Randolph scratches some heads, as the Bulls will take a $1.75 million extra cap hit from Randolph next year. This means the Bulls took more of a cap hit from draft night than if they kept their selections, and still only filled one of their off-season needs. This makes it more difficult for the Bulls to sign Carmelo Anthony, a player they desperately need because they are very low on cap flexibility as it is. Continue reading


2014 NBA DRAFT: Thoughts From the Couch

-What a week! Between Lebron opting out, ‘Melo seeking greener pastures, and (somehow) Men’s Soccer dominating the news cycle, The Debate almost forgot the FRICKEN’ NBA DRAFT is happening TODAY! We’re too tired to add to the hundreds of talking heads’ forecasts/mock draft/projections that many of you have already waded thru. Instead, join us tonight as we react to every aspect of the ESPN’s Draft Coverage, from the suits to the commentary to the commercials, all from the comfort of your own couch-

3:40 PDT: Anyone else surrounded  by family who collectively care NOT ONE IOTA about the draft, yet you are still powering thru attempting to force it onto the one TV in the living room? We can’t afford a 21 minute opening montage of Jay Bilas length comments and rags to riches prospect dream stories ESPN. We need the draft, the picks, and we need them before the baby gets us cut off from the coverage in favor of Cailou.

3:50 PDT: Why, on the DirectTV channel listing is there a 30 minute (4-4:30pm) NBA DRAFT 2014 listing, followed by a 4 hour (4:30-8:30pm) NBA DRAFT 2014 listing? Does that mean we are devoting enough time to let Fran Frashcilla tell us about the greatness of a 9 year old Belgium small forward?

Fran Fraschilla - June 26, 2008

3:55 PDT Here at the Debate we’re as big a fan of The Rock as there is, but why in godsname is he running around, as Hercules, wearing 1/2 a lion carcass on his head? Does anyone associate “lion killing” with Hercules?TheRock

4:01 PDT Reece Davis is the voice of the Draft? That guy has the best job in America…College Football, the Selection Show for March Madness, and the Draft?

4:03 PDT  FASHION REPORT #1…Jabari Parker is KILLING Andrew Wiggins in this category…we mean, what the hell is this? Continue reading


How the Bulls should treat this offseason

It is no secret that the Chicago Bulls are one of the top defensive teams in the NBA, but the Bulls have always been slightly shy on the offensive end on their goal of winning an NBA title. The Bulls have been surrounded by numerous rumors this offseason, but the Bulls have to accomplish a few goals this offseason: Acquire a scorer, a back-up big man, a shooter, and a back-up point guard. While it may seem like a lot for a team to fill, it may not be too difficult for the Bulls.

The Bulls already have about $63 million in payroll locked up for next year according to, and if the Bulls are serious about contending they will go close to the luxury tax threshold, which will be about $77 million next year. Also, if the Bulls add a top player, they would likely amnesty Carlos Boozer to get his $16.8 million contract off the books. This would give the team close to $31 million to work with.

The most important thing for the Bulls to target this offseason is a scorer, and they Bulls have already been connected to both Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. While Love may be the player that fits into coach Tom Thibodeau’s defensive system, Anthony is a more likely fit. The Timberwolves seem poised to get players in return for their superstar, and other than Taj Gibson, who the Bulls are set on keeping, they Bulls do not have many players that can be used as trade assets. The Bulls do have two first round draft selections this year, but those are going to be crucial to filling out the team’s bench. Anthony also fits because he has played the small forward position his entire career, somewhere he can fit in right away in Chicago. This will give the Bulls a starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Anthony, Gibson and Joakim Noah. Continue reading