Chicago Make a Confusing Transaction to Help Them Down The Stretch

Chicago BullsThe Chicago Bulls have brought on big men, in Louis Amundson, to help them down the stretch drive, after signing him on March 1st to a 10-day contract. The signing of the big man hinders questions to what is role will actually be on the team and how will it help the Bulls as the playoffs inch closer?

Amundson is a defensive minded player that won’t be useless to the Bulls, as there is a whole in the interior defense due to the absence of the injured Taj Gibson.

However, the signing of Amundson doesn’t appeal to the Bulls primary needs, which is scoring.

The Bulls are among the league’s worst in scoring, averaging just around the 92.6 points per game mark. Their inability to score is mainly due to their star point guard, Derrick Rose being injured.

To date the Bulls are among the league leaders on defense, which makes this signing even more mind-boggling, as they already have players like Noah and Deng who reliable defensive minded players that also contribute on offense. As the playoffs come into sight, the Bulls did not need to address their defensive side, but add some scoring to the lineup, as there are many Eastern Conference teams that are in a playoff position that can score.

So who could the Bulls went after instead of a pure defensive minded player like Amundson?

Two players come to mind, their veterans, have experience and have the ability to score, Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas. Now both players have played in China this season and both had respectable campaigns, as McGrady averaged nearly 25 points per game while Arenas average 20 per game. Of course, defense is a must in the NBA, especially going into the playoffs, however the Bulls are a top team on defense and lack offense. Posting low offensive numbers in the playoffs, especially when going up against teams like Miami and New York, will not fare well, and will most likely exit the playoffs in a hurry.

GM Gar Forman should have explored these options, as either one, Arenas or McGrady would have provided a spark for the team and helped fill a void left by the Derrick Rose injury.

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Andre Britto

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