Come Home LeBron

Come Home LeBronEver since LeBron James made his decision in 2010, returning to play the Cleveland Cavaliers has always been a spectacle. A media frenzy is nothing new for LeBron, whose been dealing with the blinding lights of fame and criticism since his high school days at St. Vincent St Mary’s. However, nothing is more difficult than to return to your home state and be thrust into a media hate storm where fans who once worshiped the ground that you walked on, now pray for your demise.

As of late however, fans in Cleveland have changed their tune and are now ready to welcome their fallen hero back with open arms.

Fully aware that next season LeBron will be a free agent, the Cavs have jumped back on the King James bandwagon and have started a campaign to entice their superstar to come home.

Die hard Cavs fans are putting their new found love for James into a “Come Home LeBron” campaign. The idea was first sparked last season when crazed fan James Blair stormed the court and ran straight to LeBron in a shirt that said “2014 Come Back”. Now, fans are taking it a step farther. Tonight, the campaign to lure their superstar back beings as Josh Raggi is set to pass out 2,000 eye catching green “Come Home LeBron” t-shits to fans.  Those wearing the shirt can not only beg for LeBron’s return, but if they tweet a picture in it, they could win seasons tickets for the Cavs 2014-2015 season. But the movement doesn’t stop there. A “Come Home LeBron” billboard is up at James’ alma mater for 4-8 weeks, with another being placed on Interstate 71 at Pearl Road. The latter will be on display for a week in December, and will go back up from February until the end of March.

Now we’ll all be waiting on baited breath for LeBron’s new decision in the summer. Will Cavs fans efforts be successful enough for their prodigal son to return home? A big part of that relays heavily on what goes down in South Beach this season and if the Heat are able to defend their Championship.

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