Is it Worth Bringing Derrick Rose Back?

Derrick RoseWhen Derrick Rose fell down and got injured in the first game of the 2012 playoffs, Bulls fans started looking forward to his return this season. But is it worth bringing Rose back for the tail end of this season as the Bulls hope to make a championship run? While Derrick’s brother, Reggie, has been largely criticized for his comments regarding the Bulls, they may have some value in determining the answer.

“It’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him,” said Reggie Rose.

While the Bulls had very little leeway to make a trade financially, the important part of Reggie Rose’s comments said the Bulls inactivity has an impact on Derrick’s potential return this season. The Bulls currently sit at 32-23 and fifth in the Eastern Conference. While the Bulls have done a good job holding in playoffs with all the injury woes this season, but multiple strong teams has to make Rose thin, is it worth coming back this season?

I definitely do not question Derrick’s desire to be out on the floor, but I do wonder if Reggie’s comments are Derrick’s feelings. It cannot be easy for him to work so hard to come back, and have probably a worse team than last year to come back to. In a recent ESPN Chicago poll with over 59 thousand fan votes, 57 percent of people do not think Rose will return this season, probably in large part due to his brothers’ comments, and his own reluctance to say he will come back to the Bulls this season. The Bulls have one key bench player who could propel a Bulls championship run if Rose would return, and that is Jimmy Butler.

I am not saying it will be easy to even get to the NBA, going against the Miami Heat, and the surging Indiana Pacers, who also have played without their best player all season, but the Bulls defense could lead them to a playoff run. A combination of Jimmy Butler, Luol Deng and Taj Gibson will have to be the answer to Miami’s Big Three, and Butler will have to guard LeBron James. Deng might be a slightly better defender, but every time Deng guards superstar players, he does not produce offensively. The Bulls will need more scoring options than Derrick Rose against the Heat, and Jimmy Butler has been able to play offense and defense in his starting roles this season. Taj Gibson is a better defensive player than Carlos Boozer, and while Boozer is a better scorer, the Bulls need the inside game against the Heat. Then, the Bulls will need big offensive contributions from Rose and Noah, and if all of that happens, there is still no guarantee that the Bulls will be able to beat the Heat, and that is Rose’s main concern.

And even if the Bulls can beat the Heat, they still will likely have to go through the Pacers, and either the Thunder, Spurs, or Clippers to win an NBA Championship. Derrick Rose is taking the cautious end of the spectrum, the opposite of when Michael Jordan took a ten percent chance to end his career to play a few games at the end of his second season. Whether Rose makes the decision to come back for the end of the season and try to win a championship or not, NBA fans alike will be waiting to see one of the most entertaining players in the NBA comeback and continue his quest to bring a championship to Chicago.

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