Kendrick Perkins still a starter for the Thunder?

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English: left to right: Serge Ibaka, Thabo Sefolosha, Kendrick Perkins, and Kevin Durant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Thunder went out in the draft and got some big men which brings me to one question…..why is Kendrick Perkins still the starting center on the Thunder?

Don’t mind me, but since its the off season this is going to be a little bit of a rant as I am not a huge fan of Perkins. Honestly, this guy has an attitude that the Thunder needed but his offensive skills are zero to none, averaging 4 points last year if we were lucky. His defense to me is overrated, he was burned in the playoffs by Marc Gasol and Omar Asik. The Thunder have on their roster Hasheem Thabeet who is the tallest man in the NBA and developed very well last season.

Perkins, first off, is being over payed which to me was a part of us not bringing back James Harden and Kevin Martin.

He is supposed to be a rebound machine but he only averages 4 rebounds a game. What kind of starting center for the number 1 seed in the Western Conference has those type of numbers?

I am sorry but I just don’t see it and many fans might disagree with me but many might agree as well. Maybe a trade for Omar Asik would be a nice move. He requested a trade from Houston and maybe if we added some draft picks and Perkins to backup Howard, why would that be such a bad idea?

Asik averaged 10 points a game which would be huge for the Thunder to have two offensive big men in Ibaka as well. Kevin Durant could play power forward which could allow Ibaka to go to center as he is a much better re-bounder and defender than Perkins. If the Thunder are going to keep Perkins they should lower the amount he is being payed which could help the Thunder go out and get some free agents like Mike Miller or a 3 pt specialist to replace Kevin Martin.

Just a little rant to put on you in a off season of much activity. By the way I really like how Reggie Jackson looks in the summer league, he could be ready to be the new 6th man of the Thunder. He impressed the Thunder in the playoffs after Westbrook was out for the year.

If you disagree feel free to write a comment.

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One thought on “Kendrick Perkins still a starter for the Thunder?”

  1. Hey great article bro…. kendrick perkins seems to me that he lost the motivation to be on the thunder. He played well when Garnett was in his ear cause he held him accountable. Perkins also loses minutes because he is a liability on offense and is foul prone

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