LeBron James

The LeBron James Circus Is Front And Center For NBA Fans

No one loves LeBron as much as LeBron and he must be loving the speculation by the sports world on where he will be playing next year. Anytime you tune in to ESPN or TSN you can clearly see that the LeBron James circus is front and center for NBA fans across the league. The Heat faithful are watching this drama unfold as King James demands that Heat management walk on water to keep him in his adopted home. Cavaliers fans are painfully aware that James is not well known for his loyalty and that he is likely to bolt if he gets another mega offer. The magic trio of Wade, Bosh and James is all but done and Heat Nation seem likely to loose Chris Bosh and LeBron James – sooner rather than later.  Heat fans might appreciate this YouTube clip as it looks back at all James’ great moments in Miami. It was fun while it lasted.


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