Rose is Rising!

Derrick Rose Recently, Derrick Rose said that he is 100% healed. Derrick sat out an entire season because of a torn ACL in his knee. He and the coaching staff have said he will be back in time for the NBA season. I say, watch out Miami Heat, Rose is rising!

Yesterday Derrick Rose was asked by Pedro Pinto, A CNN reporter, Who he thought is the best player in the NBA. Derrick quickly replied by saying ” Derrick Rose.” Of course as soon as this happened Twitter blew up.

I read some tweets saying Derrick Rose is too cocky (etc). I also read some tweets where people thought was Rose said was correct.

Here’s my opinion (If you care). In my opinion, Derrick Rose is not the best player in the NBA. Yes, he’s one of the best, but not the best. However, I LOVE that he answered Pedro’s question by saying ” Derrick Rose.” You may be asking yourself “Why do you love that he thinks he’s the greatest player in the NBA?” I love it because that is a great mentality to have. We all know Derrick isn’t a dancer , for example: John Wall. Derrick stays very focused on the game, and just the game. Derrick loves winning, and with a ” I believe I am the best layer in the NBA” mentality, he can win.

What was Derrick supposed to say ? LeBron, Kobe , KD? No, he said what he believed.  What do YOU think about this? tweet me at FaderKeaton ! I love all NBA opinions!

– Keaton Fader

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