The Chicago Bulls Trade Deadline Dilemma

Derrick RoseWith the NBA trade deadline approaching the Chicago Bulls sit in perhaps one of the most difficult situations of all NBA teams, and a lot of that has to do with the health of Derrick Rose. Without Derrick Rose healthy, there is almost no reason for the Bulls to make a trade, as they probably cannot win an NBA championship without him. But there have been three names specifically linked to the Bulls in trade talks, Andrea Bargnani, J.J. Reddick and Timofey Mosgov.

Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors has been linked in trade talks with the Bulls in a Bargnani for Boozer swap.

This trade simply does not work for Chicago, as the Bulls will be losing arguably their second best player this season in Boozer, as he has averaged 9.3 rebounds and 15.7 points per game this season, and has averaged over a double since 2013. Boozer is playing the best basketball as a Bull, and Bargnani is having one of his worst seasons. He is averaging 3.9 rebounds and 14.8 points per game, less than Boozer. While Bargnani may be a seven footer, he does not play like a big man, and is not as good on defense as Boozer. Big men and defense are the only ways the Bulls can beat the Heat, and Bargnani doesn’t help the Bulls in either category. The Bulls have also reportedly left an offer on the table with Toronto of Bargnani and John Lucas III for Boozer and Nate Robinson, which makes even less sense as Robinson has been one of the Bulls players who can score for himself this year.

J.J. Reddick or the Orlando Magic is another name linked to the Bulls in trade talks. While specific names have not been linked to a Reddick deal, Richard Hamilton would almost definitely be involved if the Bulls, one of the front-runners for Reddick, pull of this trade. A deal that Bleacher Report came up with using ESPN’s trade Machine would be the Bulls giving up Marco Belinelli, Marquis Teague, Vladamir Radmonavic, and Hamilton among with a first round pick for Ish Smith and Reddick along with a second round draft pick. This trade makes no sense for the Bulls as they might be shedding cap, but Hamilton and Belinelli are both better options at the 2 guard, and the Bulls have Daquan Cook as a pure shooter. They also lose a first round draft pick.

This last trade probably makes the most sense for the Bulls. If both teams use their trade exceptions, a Mosgov for Hamilton trade could work. For the Bulls they get a back up big man to Joakim Noah, and the Bulls can have size while resting some big men. This move is necessary because Nazr Mohammed has not done must as a back up to Noah, and the extra size will help the Bulls against the Heat. The Bulls can shed cap space, and a deal like this has been eminent since Belinelli’s scoring outbursts in the starting role when Hamilton was injured, and was brought up even more after the Cook signing. However with a multitude of wing players, and a run and gun offense, the Nuggets might not take this deal.

All of this is dependant of the health of Derrick Rose, as if he is not ready to go for the NBA playoffs this year, only shedding cap can make sense for the Bulls, and not making any trades may be the best option.

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