Thunder defeats Golden State Warriors

OKC ThunderThe Thunder defeated the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night and what started off as a fast pace high scoring game…well ended like it. The Thunder kept the temp fast all game and scored most of their points in the paint. Kendrik Perkins looked like an elite center grabbing 11 rebounds and 6 points while Durant and Westbrook did their usual stellar play with Durant having 25 pts and Westbrook with 22. Durant and Westbrook are starting to get very gritty this year showing a lot of toughness with their physical play and also mouths.

Kevin Durant who said “No more mister nice guy” has been nothing but the opposite of nice when it comes to plays with the refs.

He has had a boat load of technicals this month and this week told reporters on his technicals that “I just need to shut up”. Kevin Martin was stellar scoring 21 points off the bench draining 3 after 3 after 3. Reggie Jackson is the guy I want to focus on most in this game recap, he had 12 points and 6 points off the bench. If Jackson can keep up this great consistent play it could be the difference if the Thunder win the big one this year. The Thunder have not had a quality backup for Westbrook since Maynor tore his ACL last year 8 games into the year and just wasn’t the same this year. The Warriors played pretty good against the Thunder for what they are as clearly the Thunder are on a completely different level then they are. Harrison Barnes led them with 19 points and has been one of the best young players in the NBA this year. The Thunder stand at 37-12 and are 1.5 games back from the Spurs for the first place in the west coming close to the all-star break. The Thunder meet up with the Phoenix Suns friday night and the Thunder would like to keep their winning ways going headed into the all-star break. By the way Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook need to entertain all us basketball fans and join the dunk contest so we get some decent talent in the competition this year.

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