Thunder get big win against Spurs 1/2 game back for 1 seed

Thunder2-2 is the series finish for the Thunder and Spurs and boy was this a big game for confidence and for playoff standings. The Thunder started off swinging and the two stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant scored 52 points combined a great game for both and this could be a good sign for fans worried that this team can’t get back to the Finals without #13. Well the Thunder dominated off the bench! Derek Fisher had a huge bounce back game with 17 points and Kevin Martin had a bad game with only 2 pts and that needs to change as he will be a huge factor if the Thunder are going to get back to the finals and beat the Heat or any other East team….

but most likely the Heat.

That is the big concern for the Thunder is finding that extra scoring punch off the bench now Derek Fisher was just that this game but the consistency is not there. Serge Ibaka had a solid game with 11 points and 3 blocks he and Perkins really shut down the paint and the Thunder defense was stellar holding the Spurs to only 88 points. So now the Thunder stand at .5 games behind the Spurs for the top seed and they have the Indiana Pacers tonight this is a huge game. Tony Parker only had 2 points which props to Westbrook for playing some great defense but at the same time Coach Pop said Parker has a shin injury he has been battling. The Thunder are just faster then the Spurs and like Charles Barkley said the Spurs are built the best to beat the Heat but they can’t beat the Thunder in a 7 game series and that could be true but if Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka can be hit in the post and excel there then they might be able to beat the Heat but I agree with Barkley jump shots will not beat the Heat. This game was a great one but it gets me thinking about the Finals now last year OKC won 1 game in the Finals series, Are we better than last year and if last years team won one game what will this years team do? A stronger Kevin Durant and Westbrook or James Harden? I think this years team might be built better to beat the Heat if Ibaka can score more that’s the key but as for the Spurs at 2-2 on the series I think we can beat the Spurs again in a 7 game series but this year home court is a big thing for OKC to have throughout the playoffs.


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