When Will Derrick Rose Return?

Derrick RoseThe Official Derrick Rose injury report has come out from the Chicago Bulls, and it is very optimistic. After Head Coach Tom Thibodeau declared Rose as day-to-day earlier this week, a Bulls team source has said that Rose has been cleared by team doctors. However, Rose said he is still not ready to return. Rose said Friday that he will return when he is 100% mentally ready, and that cannot happen until he can confidently dunk off of his left foot. However, ESPN reported today that after his workouts, Rose has been having issues with burning hamstrings.

Rose will not return until this is no longer a factor.

Either way, the Bulls said in their statement that they expect Rose to play sometime around the middle of March, so it is about time to start speculating when Derrick Rose might actually see game action for the first time this season. Although Rose seems like the person not to care where, when, or who is watching when he makes is return, it is probable that his first floor time this season will be a home game, and the Bulls make their return home from their California road trip. So the first possible game would return is home against Denver on March 18. Again, not that Rose cares, but the following games are much bigger and are able to be watched by a much larger audience. That leaves two games for Chicago on that home stand, Portland and Indiana.

I find it hard for Rose not to be back for Indiana. The Bulls hate Indiana, especially because of their celebrating from last season’s game, and the Bulls are currently 0-3 against Indiana. Plus, the last Bulls played Indiana was the Rose’s first on the bench, and with that game ending with a Marco Belinelli fly-away three miss, and then a turnover, you could see the that Rose wanted revenge. That game also will air on WGN, which can be seen by a much larger audience. That game is on Saturday, March 23. The Bulls also have Portland at home on March 21.

If Rose was to come back against Indiana, that would leave a road game against Minnesota before a matchup with Miami in the United Center on Wednesday March 27, on ESPN, who could come into the game with a 27 game win streak.

Whenever Derrick Rose does come back, he will be desperately needed, because the Bulls have been struggling of late, and they hold the six seed in the East, and have a multitude of injuries. Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, and Richard Hamilton all have injuries, and it is unclear when they will return. This left only six Bulls playing over ten minutes, which can really take a toll on the team when they make the playoffs.

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